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Jones Excavating: Leaving No Stone Unturned

July 24, 2018

Excavating in Palm Coast Here at Jones Excavating, we are an industry leader in residential and commercial excavating. In the Palm Coast area, we have set the standard when it comes to clearing and excavating, leaving no stone unturned. We perform many tasks like land clearing, excavating, site work, residential work, commercial work, hauling gravel, selling gravel, dirt and work on new construction projects.

Land clearing is an essential part of any construction service as the ground has to be leveled before it is built upon. Removing greenery, stumps, trees and rocks makes up the clearing portion of the excavating process and must be done in any type of industry: mining, agriculture, residential or commercial.

When it comes to the excavating side, here at Jones, we focus on grading the land and transforming the land to suit the client's vision. Aspects of that transformation involve installing culverts, constructing gravel roads, constructing utility trenches and starting work on new construction projects.

Additional Jones Excavating Services

In addition to our main focus on clearing and excavating, we pride ourselves on providing the Palm Coast with a sustainable service; that is why we sell all the rock, dirt and gravel we haul away from our sites. We do clearing, excavating, haul and sell, and as such, we are in line with eco-friendly environmental guidelines and sustainability principles.

If you are in the Palm Coast area and are in need of a clearing and excavating service, give us a call at Jones Excavating today.

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